"our music is undeniably unique, while staying true to the genre."

- Wayne B.

The  album  Higher, the 6th album from twin brothers Nelson and Wayne Braxton, is both a departure and a return for the duo. The 12-song album is a departure from the typical releases in the Smooth Jazz genre today that many times focus on short melody lines or riffs that are repeated over a groove that forms a platform for extended improvisation. Higher is focused on melody, lots and lots of melodies! "Melody is EVERYTHING to us," says Nelson Braxton. "We took many years on this album in order to assemble an album full of songs that we hope others will enjoy as much as we do." The album also features the return to the distinctive sound of Wayne's sax with Nelson's six-string bass, the sound that has marked their music over the last 20 years. Higher is ready to take off,  and it is sure to be making smiles, boosting spirits and making a lot of noise in the Smooth Jazz world in 2018!